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We work with fleets nationwide to maximize their driver advertising effectiveness through our vast network of professional drivers, including passive candidates.

Spectrum works with the nation’s top fleets.

Today more Fleet Managers are taking advantage of flexible, scalable truck driver recruiting programs from Spectrum to help improve their ability to cost-effectively hire truck drivers anywhere in the US.

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Spectrum is the only provider of truck driver advertising services capable of reaching drivers who match your requirements anywhere in the U.S.

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Spectrum partners with Drivers-&-Driver-Jobs to help drivers identify and be considered for the best driver jobs, with the best carriers in the US. We work with both large and small truck fleets in the private, commercial and 3PL transportation industry.

These fleets offer great local, regional and long-haul driving jobs with excellent pay and benefits. Spectrum and Drivers-&-Driver-Jobs represent thousands of carriers nationwide and is the largest network of commercial drivers in the US.

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Spectrum works with the nation’s top fleets to increase the flow of interested driver candidates to fill their open truck driving jobs. A few of the key features of our service are listed below. Call us at 855.795.1100. Online inquires, click here.

Key Features of Our Program

Ideal for small & large fleets who have in-house recruiters but need help generating a steady flow of interested drivers. Also great for recruiting in remote areas.
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Whether you want to hire one, ten or a hundred drivers, we do it all for one low monthly fee and absolutely no contracts or hidden charges. You can cancel at any time.
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Unlike recruiting firms who send you old driver applications, every application we send you will come from a driver who has applied specifically to your position within the previous 30 minutes.

With over 498 thousand drivers nationwide Spectrum has unmatched reach into the truck driver community to put your job in front of more candidates.
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Our network includes “passive candidates” who are currently working but willing to consider a change for the right opportunity. No other venue gives you access to working candidates.

Our driver recruiting and advertising programs are designed to communicate your open truck driving jobs to the driver community in more ways than you can accomplish alone. Direct contact with our extensive, growing, network of drivers gives you greater access to qualified truck drivers that would otherwise not be aware of your open driving jobs.

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About Spectrum

The nation’s largest network of commercial truck drivers.

Spectrum Driver Recruiters serves the North American transportation community with the largest network of commercial truck drivers available, coupled with the most experienced truck driver recruiting staff, to rapidly circulate your open truck driving jobs to far more truck drivers, in a fraction of the time of other advertising sources.

With a registered network of over 490 thousand commercial truck drivers nationwide, and unmatched reach into the truck driver community, our systems deliver maximum exposure for your open truck driver jobs. Whether you hire one, ten or a hundred truck drivers, we do it all for one low monthly fee and absolutely no contracts or hidden charges. No one can offer you greater exposure to professional truck drivers than Spectrum.

If you’re like most fleet managers, you’ve tried countless advertising methods to get your open truck driving jobs in front of greater numbers of qualified truck drivers. A shrinking truck driver pool, coupled with increasing regulation means that in order to fill your seats, you need to reach more truck drivers than ever before. Call us today to take advantage of our direct reach into the driver community and improve your exposure to qualified truck drivers. Learn more.

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Spectrum Driver Recruiters | We make hiring drivers easy
August 1, 2015

Each day we get dozens of calls from recruiters and fleet managers asking what they can do to attract larger numbers of qualified drivers. Our response is always the same. The two single biggest factors in driver recruiting are:

1. Geography – where you are hiring at
2. Desirability – how desirable your position is in relation to others in the same market

For most recruiters geography is fixed and can’t be manipulated. That leaves the “desirability” aspect. No matter where your open driving job is located you are no doubt competing with other jobs and carriers for the best drivers; and as you know, the most desirable jobs always have the greatest numbers of applicants and hires.

The question is “What can you do to make your driver jobs more attractive?” Obviously, if your open driver job offers great pay and benefits you will likely be able to fill it more quickly. However, if you’re like most carriers, with limited resources to increase pay for prospective drivers, you will need to look elsewhere for ways to improve the appeal of your positions.

One area of opportunity that few carriers think to exploit is the notion of “predictability”. This may sound foreign to you but a few subtle changes can go a long way in making your positions more appealing. Certainly its great to put together flashy ads with eye-catching pictures of trucks and mountain scenery, but most drivers are sharp enough to see past the fancy ads and recognize a worthless opportunity for what it is. Instead, you will want to focus your creativity on the substance of your open job rather than the substance of your job-advertisement. After all, you can have a great advertising message and communicate it thoroughly to the masses, but as they say, “Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.”

While many in the industry have accepted “quality of life” (QOL) as the Holy Grail of driver recruiting, few have been able to impact QOL enough to make their positions more desirable. Most of the typical enhancements miss the mark on what QOL truly means to a driver.

QOL is more than just comfy truck seats, or a computer application that shows families where dad’s truck is on a map, or saying that “You’re not just a number here.” Those things certainly help, but they fall short of QOL.

QOL begins with the security of knowing what to expect on a daily basis. Being able to predict with some degree of certainty in five crucial areas can significantly enhance the desirability of any driving job. These five areas are “when”, “where”, “what”, “how much”, and “how long”. This is a simple yet powerful concept. Companies that are able to address these questions adequately can greatly improve their ability to recruit qualified drivers. Let’s look at the five crucial areas;

– When? – When will I work? When does my day start? What days will I work?
– Where? – Where will I be most of the time?
– What? – What will I be doing, driving, sitting-waiting, loading/unloading etc…?
– How much? – How much will I make each day, week?
– How long? – How long will my shift/run/load last? How long before I’m done? How much downtime before the next shift/run/load?

Note that most local driving jobs are inherently better able to answer these questions than their long-haul counterparts, and as a result, they are typically more desirable and easier to fill.

Drivers, like everyone else, strive for stability and predictability in their lives. Like most of us, they have bills that need to be paid on a regular basis, doctor’s appointments to schedule, personal events they would like to attend, and the need for predictable downtime. Drivers want to be confident that they will be home for Aunt Sally’s birthday party next month, or to see their son play in the big game. Ask yourself whether or not you could ever consider a job that didn’t answer all of these questions precisely. Would you want to go home and tell your spouse that you are considering a job where you’re not sure how much money you will actually bring home, or how often you will be home? Could you be comfortable not knowing how frequently you might have idle or unpaid time?

A good starting point to offering better QOL comes through offering drivers greater predictability in their work-life. While we understand that shippers often make it challenging for carriers to plan, or offer, more predictable schedules, we have seen how a proactive campaign on the part carrier to create more structure can pay off over time, in a big way. From there, the driver can build in the aspects of life that ultimately bring him the feelings associated with QOL.

For most, driving is not a very attractive profession. However, for every job out there, there’s someone who thinks that it’s a perfect fit for him/her. You simply need to apply as much structure as possible to your jobs for them to compete more closely with other mainstream jobs. The old school thinking that the driver’s job “is what it is”, must go away.

September 20, 2012

Since 1998, each year during the third week of September Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) set  aside a week to thank and recognize all their professional drivers, also known as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW).

TCA’s chairman Robert Low expressed his concern about the growing health problems truck drivers face due to a sedentary lifestyle, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, obesity and high blood pressure.  Low not only wants this week to be about honoring and thanking our nation’s truck drivers but also wants it to be about awareness of drivers’ health. He is changing National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week (NTDAWW).

During NTDAWW, trucking companies will be hosting events at truck stops throughout each state to honor drivers. Low asks that health awareness be incorporated into events.

TCA will also be hosting a “Ditch the Pack” event on September 20th, to encourage truckers to quit smoking for 24 hours. This is to raise awareness on the benefits of quitting and to show support for those who have chosen to start living the smoke free lifestyle.

Drivers who want to locate these events during NTDAWW can go to  You will also be able to see what type of events and activities are available at each location.

April 12, 2010

Recession factors continued to slow the freight transportation industry throughout 2009, but many fleet operators have used the business downturn to rethink their driver recruitment strategies.

November 4, 2009

Spectrum Driver Recruiters is helping US fleets return major dollars to their bottom line by targeting a major expense that most often goes overlooked and under accounted for.

June 26, 2008

Spectrum Driver Recruiters, a specialist provider of recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) to the transportation/logistics industry, has announced the availability of its proprietary Direct-To-Driver advertising service as a standalone offering for those companies not requiring full RPO.

April 14, 2008

Spectrum Driver Recruiters has announced the availability of their new Driver Recruitment Cost Estimator, a free software tool that will help fleet