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With thousands of successful and satisfied clients – and a satisfaction rate approaching 100%, you might think offering prospective customers a money-back guarantee is pointless.

At Spectrum, we know the hesitation with which many companies consider traditional outsourcing solutions. Because we work with a proven methodology refined over many years and many fleets nationwide, we’re able to provide you with a guaranteed minimum savings on every engagement.

We guarantee to save you a minimum of 25%
off your current in-house recruiting costs.

Spectrum is proud of the savings we deliver to our customers year after year. This valuable savings includes our leading-edge recruitment methodologies along with access to better qualified candidates, expert DOT compliance support, improved hiring speed and, perhaps most importantly, a substantial reduction in your overall driver recruitment investment. The idea behind our savings guarantee is to provide you with peace of mind. Our guaranteed 25% reduction in the cost of your driver recruitment function is only the minimum you can expect to save. We’re able to save most clients upwards of 50% on their in-house recruiting effort, and unlike most guarantees that promise you money back if you’re not satisfied, you’ll see the savings before we go to work for you.

If upon engagement, we’re unable to offer you a savings of 25% or more on your overall recruiting costs, we’ll eat the difference. In other words, when you implement our flexible outsourcing solutions, it’s literally impossible to lose. Our innovative programs are intended to provide you with cutting-edge driver recruitment strategies to help you optimize all aspects of the human capital part of your fleet operations, in the most cost-effective manner possible. We’re committed to saving you money.

Spectrum has been serving the North American transportation community since 2000, partnering with fleet managers to provide cost-effective driver recruitment programs. To date, Spectrum has helped client companies save over $30 million while helping them to meet target-staffing levels, enhance the quality of their driver staff, reduce driver turnover, and allow fleet managers to focus on their core business.


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Spectrum Driver Recruiters

The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers