The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers.

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Spectrum is the only national provider of “targeted” driver recruitment services.

Spectrum is the only provider of driver recruiting services dedicated solely to the transportation industry and truck-fleet operations.  We’re also the nation’s only provider of driver recruiting and advertising services capable of meeting your driver recruiting needs at all points across the US. Spectrum Driver Recruiting

We work with the nation’s top fleets to reduce the cost and difficulty in recruiting truck drivers. Our registered network allows you to reach thousands of truck drivers within a 50-100 mile radius of any US hiring location within hours of a request.

Once engaged, our truck driver recruiting specialists maintain ongoing pipelines for each of your hiring locations and regions. These continuously monitored pipelines allow us to proactively queue ready candidates for immediate response to your driving job vacancies anywhere in the US.

Fleet Managers who utilize Spectrum benefit by immediately gaining greater control over nationwide fleet recruiting, while also improving the quality of their driver hires, and reducing thier overall truck driver recruiting cost.

Spectrum is the easiest and least expensive way for the nation’s top fleets to recruit commercial truck drivers anywhere in the US.


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Spectrum Driver Recruiters

The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers