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Differences Make a Difference

Spectrum Driver Recruiters is committed to enhancing the truck driver profession and the transportation industry overall, by recruiting and placing commercial drivers of diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and as such, provide our clients with diverse, energized professionals who reflect the communities they and we serve.

Spectrum’ commitment to diversity is demonstrated through programs and initiatives aimed at hiring, providing awareness, and placing people of diverse backgrounds. We maintain a policy of acceptance of the different experiences, personalities, outlooks and beliefs of the individuals we encounter as we go about our daily work, and allow those principles to guide our conduct.

Our inclusion policy focuses on:

  • Increased awareness of diversity and it’s importance
  • Treatment of others with respect regardless of ethnic background, gender, age, sexual orientation or life experience
  • Sensitivity to the interpretation and impact of our communications and actions

Diversity in the workplace and among transportation professionals is a competitive advantage, which improves our own and our client’s ability to function in a diverse global environment. We remain steadfast in the belief that a policy of diversity serves our clients within the transportation community well by bringing to bear a broader range of perspectives to the issues that they face everyday.

These differences really do make a difference.

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The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers