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Finding A Qualified Driver For Hire

As a company looking to hire truck drivers who are qualified, reliable, and talented, you have probably been approached by scores of temp agencies that specialize in placing drivers from a pre-qualified pool of candidates. These temp-driver agencies often refer to their inventory of available drivers as their “Driver For Hire” pool.

“Driver For Hire” pools represent a significant investment for the companies that form them. The recruiting costs such as marketing, screening, testing and maintaining a pool of pre-qualified candidates, along with the traditional costs associated with having employees can have a substantial negative impact on the temp agency’s profit margins. With so much at stake it is only logical that when the temp-driver agency gets a call from a customer seeking a driver for hire, that agency is inclined to see a “perfect fit” driver in their “driver for hire” pool, even where one does not exist.

Details of the client’s specific requirements and preferences regarding the candidate driver cannot reasonably be considered, as an attitude of “one size fits all” is necessarily inherent in the “driver for hire pool” concept.

At Spectrum we never work from a “driver for hire” pool. All of the recruiting searches we conduct on behalf of our clients are targeted searches that take into consideration all of the specifics and characteristics of your open positions including details of your unique work environment. Allowing Spectrum to handle your driver recruiting needs ensures you that you are targeting “right-fit candidates to fill your open seats. We have the tools and processes to deliver the best drivers for your openings. Drivers recruited through Spectrum, per your specifications, come to you pre-qualified and approved by our staff after going through our extensive screening and application processes to ensure a “right-fit”.

From the moment you engage Spectrum, we build a compelling job presentation based on the specs we gather from you. We then broadcast the opportunity to thousands of members of the driver community starting with those in our extensive driver contact database. Once we identify the “right-fit” candidate for your open position we present him to you, complete with a full DOT File, including all requisite background checks and certifications. We have access to thousands of qualified truck drivers and driver contacts in the driver community and can circulate your openings without force-feeding you candidates from a “driver for hire” pool.

Like most companies you are competing to find the best drivers on the road and can’t afford to trust your customer relationships to a driver for hire. Give us your specifications, and we’ll conduct a targeted search to find you the right-fit truck driver anywhere in the US.

Free Evaluation

As with any recruiting effort, we are able to fill many job requisitions almost immediately while others may take additional time. Let us evaluate your need over the phone and in just a few minutes we’ll tell you how we can help you too.

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The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers