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Spectrum Driver Recruiters prides itself on its ability to connect top-notch drivers to quality transportation positions with industry-leading private, commercial and 3PL carriers.

We have become driver recruitment experts by listening to what drivers say and understanding their needs. Our experienced recruitment staff is honest, knowledgeable and works aggressively on your behalf. Thousands of drivers have benefited from having Spectrum place them in the perfect driving position. But don’t just take our word for it…

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Driver Recruitment Testimonial

James Carr – Hooper, UT | “I cannot believe how wonderful Spectrum was! Their recruiters were fabulous from day one. They made the process so easy! Once you fill out an Spectrum online application, they do the rest. I had gotten laid off from my trucking job in June 2009. I found Spectrum through a search online. They found the job, they set up the interview and they gave me all the information on the company. I paid nothing to Spectrum. They always knew the answer to everything I asked. They were very informative. I did get the job, which by the way I love!! I would probably still be unemployed if it were not for Spectrum!”

Brandon Murphy – Reading, MA | “My experience with Spectrum was awesome. My position was conveyed very accurately and the process moved much faster then expected. I am currently working at the company that Spectrum set me up with and I love it. I plan to be there for a long time. THANKS Spectrum!!!”

Charles Ragan – Bealeton, VA | “I have to say that Spectrum made the application process and transition to a new job go smoother than I could have ever expected. The staff kept me well informed and seem to answer questions before I could ask them. I transitioned to my new job with no surprises and have been happy with my decision.”

Mark Moniz – Dartmouth, MA | “My experience with Spectrum was both helpful and informative. My calls were always returned in a timely fashion, and the recruiters always had answers to any questions I had. I would recommend Spectrum to other possible recruits. My new position was explained to me fully and accurately.”

Michael Atwood – Andover, MA | I would like to take this chance to say thank you for everything you have done for me. I started my new position and I enjoyed everything about the company. Spectrum did an outstanding job with my entire process from start to finish. My recruiter was very informative through the whole process and kept in touch with me the whole time. Things could not have gone any better!! Thanks for everything.”

Gary Bleich – Beach Park, IL | “Your staff was very professional and helpful. They went above and beyond to place me with a great job. They always called me or the employer to find out what was happening. I really felt that they took their time to listen to my situation. I would certainly recommend your service to my friends in the industry.”

“I have been driving for over twenty years and have dealt with many recruiters. Spectrum Driver Recruiters is by far the most professional. If you are looking for a quality trucking position, call them today.”

James Sigrist – Neptune, NJ

“The staff was very informative and helpful. It was a pleasure working with your company to find this job. It is a great job and I am very happy.”

Jarod Pizzonia – East Haddam, CT

“My experience has been very rewarding. If I had any questions or concerns there was always someone I can talk to or they would return my call in a timely manner. I have recommended other drivers to Spectrum Driver Recruiters.” —

George Milton Jr. – Grand Prairie, TX

“My Spectrum recruiter was top notch. Every phone call was returned promptly and all my questions were answered. I would recommend Spectrum Driver Recruiters to any driver looking for a placement.”–

Joe Lanouette – Rockland, MA

“You guys were great!!! I really felt connected like your were a good friend who was helping me in any way possible. The recruiter and placement staff were very helpful and informative. Everything was explained in its entirety. I would recommend other drivers to Spectrum in a heartbeat. Thanks again for a great job!” –

Patrick Blanchard – Arlington, TX

“I would like to personally thank Spectrum for their hard work and straightforward honesty regarding the position I applied for. I had many questions about the job that Spectrum answered truthfully. I know this because I accepted the position and there were no surprises. I highly recommend Spectrum to everyone.”

Tom Young – Rutland, VT

“Thank You to the wonderful staff at Spectrum who took the time to connect me with the perfect job. It was just what I had been looking for. I was treated with respect and as a professional. They kept me informed throughout the process and always seemed to be one step ahead of me. I now have a good job with all of the requirements I was looking for. I am thankful to Spectrum for paving the way!” –

Ron Otero – Capital Heights, MD

“You guys are the best of the best. Thanks to Spectrum I found one of the top of the line driving jobs! Im so happy for me and my family.” –

Franklin Marquez – Bergenfield, NJ

“I have to say that Spectrum made the application process and transition to a new job go smoother than I could have ever expected. The staff kept me well informed and seem to answer questions before I could ask them. I transitioned to my new job with no surprises and have been happy with my decision.” –

“I found your staff to be very helpful and very informative when locating the job I have now. I’ve been with this company for 18 months and plan to stay until retirement. I would highly recommend your company to another driver.” —

John Smith – Albertville, AL

“Spectrum was great. I found a great job with great benefits through them. They even walked me through the interview.” –

Lloyd Thomas – Newark, NJ

“I was very pleased with Spectrum. My recruiters were always helpful. Thank you, so very much.” —

Vaughn Mitchell – Dolton, IL

“The recruiters at Spectrum were very helpful. They were honest and told me everything about my new job before I accepted the position. I would definitely recommend Spectrum to all truck drivers.” —

Steve Hamilton – Clinton, MD

“I would like to thank Spectrum for all the help with the pre-employment process with Exxon Mobil. You folk’s have been great with the follow up’s and the communication has been phenomenal. You should be rewarded for your professionalism.” —

Radames Vega – Rahway, NJ

“I want to thank everyone at Spectrum for their hard work and professionalism in the recruitment process with my new employer. I could not be any happier with my new job. Your dedication and commitment to your service is genuine.” –

James Sigrist – Neptune, NJ

“I have the highest regard for Spectrum. The recruiters and other staff members were helpful and informative, every step of the way. I was very impressed.” –

Phil Rayfield – Clinton, MS

“I would like to thank all the people at Spectrum who helped me get my new driving job. The staff there was very helpful and professional. They called me almost every day to let me know what was going on. I would recommend Spectrum to all my friends.” —

Donald Brown – Hightstown, NJ

“Dealing with Spectrum was a very pleasant experience. The staff at Spectrum is great and I would recommend your service to other drivers. — “

Tom Durrschmidt – Windsor Locks, CT

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