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Will Spectrum simply run the same newspaper ad that I can run myself in its truck driver recruiting effort?

Our truck driver recruiting efforts rarely include advertisements in newspapers because they simply do not work. Spectrum instead relies on a highly evolved network of contacts, tools and processes to circulate the opportunity within the driver community

How does Spectrum select drivers?

Spectrum’ truck driver recruiting and evaluation staff is highly effective at identifying and selecting qualified truck drivers that fit your job requirements. Every truck driver we submit to you has been through:

  • An in-depth series of interviews
  • Verification of his or her Commercial Drivers License history
  • An investigation into the past ten years of his or her employment
  • A background check to uncover any criminal history
  • An MVR review

How does the truck driver recruiting process work?

To begin the truck driver recruiting process, we carefully outline your requirements and create a list of precise job qualifications for the type of driver you need. We then create a detailed truck driver recruiting presentation, which presents your job opening and your truck driver recruiting requirements in the most compelling manner. Finally, we start networking within the driver community, using our database of driver contacts to find candidates, as well as get referrals to candidates that best fit your specifications. We present your opportunity only to the truck drivers who match your hiring specification.

Do you send me resumes to look at?

If you’re like most transportation managers, you sift through truck driver resume after resume, hoping to find the right driver for the job. With outsourced truck driver recruiting services Spectrum does all of the tedious leg work for you, shortening your search time considerably. We then present you with only the truck driver candidates, those that meet your requirements and that we know are best suited for your open positions. Our recruiting teams work closely with potential drivers as part of a detailed truck driver recruiting process before they are presented to you, in order to ensure that they are an ideal match for your organization.

Is your truck driver recruiting program able to target any drivers I can’t reach on my own?

Spectrum has successfully demonstrated that truck driver recruiting systems that target drivers who are already working generally tend to draw better-qualified drivers. Our marketing approach begins with our proprietary database of over 300,000 commercial drivers who are working but willing to consider a better opportunity.

Can your truck driver recruiting programs also help us to reduce our driver turnover rate?

As a result of our advance approach to effective truck driver recruiting, sourcing and screening we are able to identify candidates who are more likely to be an accurate fit for your position and organization. Two out of Three drivers hired through internally managed recruiting efforts fall off in the first 30 days of employment. Less than one in ten drivers recruited by Spectrum falls off during that same period.

My internal recruiters run ads and wait for the phone to ring, do your recruiters do anything more then that in their truck driver recruiting efforts?

Most internally managed recruiting efforts wait on drivers to respond to advertisements. Spectrum’ approach includes a proactive pursuit of qualified drivers as well as mass dissemination of the job opportunity. We are typically able to reach out to more drivers in the first few hours after receiving a request then most internal initiatives can reach in weeks of truck driver recruiting.

Can you help us improve our job marketing copy as part of your truck driver recruiting service?

We understand that most internal recruiters are inexperienced at crafting compelling advertisements for their open positions. Spectrum specializes in highlighting the benefits of our client’s company and open positions with emphasis on things that matter most to drivers. As part of our truck driver recruiting process we will create highly effective copy that is likely to generate significant candidate flow.

Will your truck driver recruiting program reach more drivers then we reach on our own?

Typical recruiting efforts only reach a small number of qualified drivers. Spectrum circulates the open positions throughout the driver community nationwide to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

How do I begin the truck driver recruiting process?

Call us now to discuss your truck driver recruiting needs and in just a few minutes we’ll tell you how we can help you. Within hours we can begin presenting your open position to thousands of drivers and identifying the best driver for your needs. Our truck driver recruiting services are available across the nation.

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The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers