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Increase in Outsourced Driver Recruitment Expected

April 12, 2010

Recession factors continued to slow the freight transportation industry throughout 2009, but many fleet operators have used the business downturn to rethink their driver recruitment strategies.

Spectrum Driver Recruiters, a specialist provider of Recruitment Processing Outsourcing to the transportation/logistics industry, is seeing an increasing demand high-efficiency services that will grow as freight tonnage increases as expected in 2010. The companies’ recent, pending contracts with large private corporations and commercial carriers indicate that the industry is gearing up for better days, according to Principal Ken Walker.

Many industry experts are predicting that the driver shortages of the past will soon return with much greater ferocity, as many drivers who have been unable to find work have abandoned the trade for other occupations. “Even with current lower levels of business and reduced demand for drivers, fleet operators have been realizing that they must deal with leaner times by identifying recruiting methods that are far more effective then those relied on during the past driver shortage,” said Walker. “As freight tonnage goes back up, it will take much longer for the number of available drivers to rise and get to the point where we reach the previous ’shortage’ levels of the past.”

Spectrum uses proprietary advertising techniques coupled with their own national database of over 340,000 commercial truck drivers to efficiently identify and qualify higher numbers of “right-fit” candidates for consideration, based on the client’s specific needs.  Spectrum handles background checks and certifications, and can assume full responsibility for strategy, services and compliance, providing turnkey service if desired.

Outsourced recruitment processing has proven to be highly beneficial when the fleet operator’s recruiting function serves multiple locations (typically with inconsistent recruiting strategies), when the transportation function relies on a generalist HR department, or when the company has limited in-house resources.

“Fleet operators have a large pool of experienced drivers to tap into right now, but it appears that a return to the days of driver shortages and retention problems are not far off,” Walker added. American Trucking Association (ATA) demographic studies have shown that key age groups for drivers are shrinking, causing the potential for shortages that will increase the time and cost of finding drivers.

Spectrum Driver Recruiters’ clients include small fleet owners, large commercial carriers and Fortune 50 companies. An Spectrum-developed software tool, offered free-of-charge, helps fleet operators to calculate the total costs of recruiting drivers, including both the labor hours needed for screening applicants, and the outside costs.

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