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Spectrum Revamps Marketing Campaign

November 20, 2006

Spectrum Driver Recruiters is a leader in placing pre-screened, qualified drivers for trucking companies.

Until now, Spectrum has relied on word of mouth and direct mail advertising for their clients with great success! Although they have been a leader in human resource placement for the transportation industry through classic forms of advertisement, Spectrum Driver Recruiters has officially kicked off a massive online marketing campaign to elevate their business to the next level.

Acting as a recruiting partner for trucking companies across the United States, Spectrum Driver Recruiters works with their customers to translate specific truck driver requirements into clear job specifications to accurately identify the “right-fit” candidates. Spectrum Driver Recruiters then translates those specifications to grab the attention of potential candidates; highlighting points that are important to potentially placed truck drivers.

Spectrum Driver Recruiters measures every candidate against the job specifications set forth by Spectrum and their transportation company customers. Spectrum Driver Recruiters also performs ALL regulatory compliance tasks including employment background checks, criminal history records and MVR review.

There is no question the Spectrum Driver Recruiters has one of the largest qualified truck driver databases in the United States. Spectrum Driver Recruiters is vamping up their online campaign to bring the best driving talent to you! With new drivers applying by the minute and companies taking notice of the quality employees that have been supplied by Spectrum Driver Recruiters, there’s no doubt that Spectrum Driver Recruiters will be entering 2007 as a true competitor in truck driver placement online.