The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers.

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Spectrum Recruits Temporary Truck Drivers

Many of our clients rely on us to provide temporary truck driver support for their less-than-permanent situations. Whether its a start-up operation, expansion project in a remote area, peak periods such as the holiday rush, or simply a special project, fleet managers know that Spectrum can recruit temporary truck drivers with the professionalism and experience to seamlessly augment their fleet operations.

Through our On-Demand Recruiting programs we can conduct a targeted search for “right-fit” short-term drivers for your short-term need.

Unlike temp agencies who rely on a pool of temporary truck drivers who are often unreliable and scarcely fit your idea of an ideal candidate, Spectrum conducts a targeted search for qualified truck drivers who match your specifications.

The fleet managers who come to us are looking for professional temporary truck drivers they can depend on and cannot afford to place their fleet in the hands of temp-agencies who interview and dispatched drivers during the same 4-minute phone call. Spectrum’ recruiting efforts are deliberate and highly successful at reaching out to qualified drivers who understand the critical nature of the position under consideration and welcome the opportunity to showcase their professional talents. Our recruiting staff conducts the same extensive and in-depth screening and qualification process on temporary truck drivers to be placed as they do with drivers being considered for permanent positions.

With unmatched reach into the driver community Spectrum can help you find experienced temporary truck drivers to assist with your semi-permanent needs.

When you need a truly qualified driver for hire with the experience to match the realities of you open positions, call Spectrum Driver Recruiters. Spectrum can customize a program to assist you with your temporary truck driver needs. Our temporary truck driver recruiting services are available across the nation.

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Spectrum Driver Recruiters

The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers