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Most fleet managers and driver recruiters agree that Internet ads simply do not deliver the needed drivers

For fleet managers looking to hire commercial drivers, job-marketing options are substantially limited to only a few choices. Of the choices, Internet is by far the most significant form of job advertising used by carriers today. The vast majority of these carriers will confirm that they utilize the Internet as their primary vehicle for marketing their open driver positions to truck driver candidates. At the same time, these firms can all agree to a few basic facts:

  • Internet ads yield low numbers of respondents
  • The majority of Internet respondents are undesirable or less than qualified
  • Significant time and resources are wasted sorting through unqualified respondents
  • Internet ads lack a screening mechanism to deter worthless inquiries
  • Internet ads often result in zero hires
  • Internet ads have to be run continuously in order to be effective

Internet ads typically range from $300 to $1000 and up monthly. The total time, money and other resources wasted on Internet ads, though substantial, are impossible to accurately calculate and account for. In order to justify the advertising expenditure, less qualified candidates are often accepted. However, despite the significant cost of Internet advertising coupled with the harsh realities of their poor advertising results, most companies are restricted to Internet advertising as their sole means of broadcasting jobs.

Spectrum Driver Recruiters

Our process gives you a greater number of respondents to consider in making a hiring decision

As most fleet managers and driver recruiters will agree, Internet ads simply do not deliver the needed drivers, and often bring more trouble than they’re worth. Spectrum goes far beyond Internet advertising to recruit drivers on behalf of our clients.

Spectrum utilizes a host of proprietary tools and processes to broadcast our client’s open positions to the driver community far more effectively then Internet ads alone are able to. Our searchs start with our private database of over 360,000 commercial drivers nationwide and add a host of proven processes and techniques.

Our outsourced driver-recruiting programs offer you the following advantages in competing for highly qualified commercial drivers:

  • We market your openings to the entire driver community while Internet ads only reach candidates who happen to visit the selected site

  • Our systems take in to account the fact that most qualified drivers are already working and are not reading job postings on the Internet. Our recruiting processes target passive drivers who are working but willing to consider a change

  • We broadcast your open positions within hours of your request, and we repeat our advertisements as needed, without additional costs to you

  • As part of our process we handle the barrage of inquiries, conduct all background checks, and submit only pre-qualified candidates to you for the final hiring decision

  • Internet job-boards do not assist in writing effective copy, while we employ marketing experts who write ads for drivers exclusively. You gain the use of an entire recruiting department by engaging Spectrum

  • Our all-inclusive fees are fixed and allow for more effective budgeting and financial management

  • Our processes reach drivers who are out over-the-road and may not have access to the Internet ads that you are relying on

Like most transportation companies you probably already recognize that you face tremendous competition for the best drivers. Our driver recruiting systems provide you with an edge over the competition by broadcasting your open positions to far more qualified candidates, in a fraction of the time. We then take the recruiting support you need a step further by utilizing our superior tools and process to identify, screen and investigate each candidate on your behalf. Lastly, we submit only the most qualified candidates to you for final consideration.

Of greatest significance is the fact that we work proactively on your behalf to track down the most qualified truck drivers for your open positions, leaving you and your staff to focus on what you do best while we are hard at work doing what we do best – supplying you with the most highly qualified truck drivers available.

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Spectrum Driver Recruiters

The easiest and least expensive way to recruit truck drivers